The Frome Society for Local Study was founded
in 1958
by a number of townspeople who realised there was a
need to
make the history of Frome and the district better
known, and
to preserve its historic buildings and records
In the past. Frome Society for Local Study has:
*   Helped to establish and run Frome Museum.
*   Gathered and safeguarded information on Frome's
*   Played a leading role in conserving historic
    including Marston House.
*   Given donations to many local projects.
*   Given financial assistance for research.
*   Purchased and repaired important relics.
*   Provided plaques to mark buildings of interest.
*   Helped to set up Frome Town Twinning.
*   Published over 80 titles of historic and local
    selling by post & online new titles and Year Books
Currently, the Frome Society for Local Study is
involved in:
*  An annual programme of winter lectures.
*  An annual programme of summer visits to places of
*  Continuing its wide range of research, donations,
and publications.

A Bunn Column, one of a pair, are all that remains of Bunn's planned Crescent
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If you are interested in:
*   Archaeology,
*   Architecture,
*   Frome,
*   Geology,
*   Historic houses and gardens,
*   Local history,
*   Natural History
then Frome Society for Local
Study has something to offer you.
Remember, if you join the Frome
Society for Local Study, you
automatically become a member
of the Frome and District Civic
Society as well. Frome Society
for Local Study is a
Registered Charity No.292340

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