The Frome Society for Local Study was founded in 1958 by
a number of townspeople who realised there was a need to
make the history of Frome and the district better known, and
to preserve its historic buildings and records
In the past. Frome Society for Local Study has:
*   Helped to establish and run Frome Museum.
*   Gathered and safeguarded information on Frome's history.
*   Played a leading role in conserving historic buildings,
    including Marston House.
*   Given donations to many local projects.
*   Given financial assistance for research.
*   Purchased and repaired important relics.
*   Provided plaques to mark buildings of interest.
*   Helped to set up Frome Town Twinning.
*   Published over 70 titles of historic and local interest,
    selling by post & online new titles and Year Books
Currently, the Frome Society for Local Study is actively involved in:
*  An annual programme of winter lectures.
*  An annual programme of summer visits to places of interest.
*  Continuing its wide range of research, donations, and publications.
Frome Society for Local Study is a Registered Charity No.292340
If you are interested in:
*   Archaeology,
*   Architecture,
*   Frome,
*   Geology,
*   Historic houses and gardens,
*   Local history,
*   Natural History
then Frome Society for Local Study has something to offer you.
Remember, if you join the Frome Society for Local Study, you
automatically become a member of the Frome and
District Civic Society as well.
A Bunn Column, one of a pair, are all that remains of Bunn's planned Crescent
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Plaque unveiling at birthplace of Professor Sir Charles Oatley
Charles William Oatley was born on 14th February 1904 in a room above his father's bakery at  5 Badcox Parade.  Exactly 110 years later the Frome Society for Local Study and the Frome and District Civic Society were able to install a plaque in his honour on the building.
Charles Oatley became a distinguished scientist who made three outstanding contributions to the engineering sciences.  He was one one of the team who developed radar during World War 2: he revolutionised the teaching of electronics at Cambridge University and he will always be remembered for the development of the scanning electron microscope.  This last is recognised as the single most important scientific instrument of the post-war years.  It enables the preparation of three-dimensional images of micro organisms beyond the resolution of the human eye.  It is widely used across a range of industries and applications include medicine, forensic science, material science, electronics, semiconductors and pharmaceuticals.
Charles Oatley was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1969, knighted in 1974 and, among other honours, was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Bath in 1977.
The plaque was unveiled by Sir Charles's son Michael together with his brother John and aided by David Heath MP, Peter Clark and Alastair MacLeay.  The event brought together a large gathering of the Oatley family and was followed by a short reception afterwards in the Olive Tree Inn.Their two sons, John and Michael, together with over twenty members of the Oatley family attended the ceremony to view the installation of the new plaque to Sir Charles Oatley. You can see the new Plaque here.
Left to Right: David Heath MP, Alex Shingler, (Deputy Youth Mayor) Michael Oatley, John Oatley, Alastair MacLeay, and Peter Clark.  Photo: Mendip Times